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20 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic (2023)

You’ve designed your store and selected a fantastic product. All that’s left to do is find out how to drive visitors to your website and generate purchases. This will help you determine what it truly takes to discover how to increase internet traffic on your store, from social media to unconventional marketing strategies. Additionally, you’ll learn what the professionals do to get more traffic to their websites.

What is Website Traffic?

website traffic

How many people visit your website is shown by website traffic. Both the total number of page views and the total number of unique pageviews are frequently provided by analytics systems. Pageviews represent the total number of visits to your website, whereas unique pageviews show the number of visitors.

1. Optimize the Website for Search

Optimize website search


When you first start out, focus on locating keywords that represent your specialty and use them as the foundation for your blog posts and store sites. Usually, you’ll decide to concentrate on one or two keyphrases on each webpage. To locate appropriate keywords, you can use SEO tools like Keywords Everywhere.

Start out by concentrating on terms with less than 10,000 monthly searches. When you’ve spent a few months writing blog posts.

2. Build Your Backlinks

Build backlinks

Backlinks are an important component of SEO. When another website links to yours, Google is informed that your site is reliable and pertinent to the anchor text (the clickable words).

Backlinks have the potential to increase traffic to your store independently. On those sites, visitors may click through to yours to look around and, ideally, make a purchase.

3. Spy on Your Competitors

image with a man spying a computer data


To see the list of websites that were visited just before arriving at your competitor’s website, enter the URL of your competitor’s website, scroll to “Upstream sites,” and click.

You need to focus on Google Ads and SEO if you notice that Google is frequently the first option. You should make Facebook advertising if Facebook is the most popular website, as you should be aware. Alternatively, if a particular specialized blog receives the most traffic, you can concentrate on developing an outreach plan to work with it.

4. Optimize for long-tail keywords

Optimize long tail keywords


Additionally, it’s important to pay close attention to long-tail keyword customers. These keywords are frequently more specific. As a result, they frequently have lower search volume and less competition. As a result, it’s simpler to infer the searcher’s purpose as well as rank for relevant long-tail keywords.

You’re more likely to give users the content they’re looking for when you design a website experience that caters to the searcher’s intent. This will assist in bringing more focused organic search traffic to your website.

5. Add New Products or Content to Your Website Daily

It’s a good idea to update the material on your website frequently,  as one of Google’s ranking considerations is how recent it is.

But this is a wise decision that goes beyond SEO. Additionally, it encourages visitors to return again to your website. They are more inclined to visit your website if they believe there is anything new to learn about.

6. Write on Medium

On the online publishing platform Medium, users and companies may publish blog entries with simple HTML and CSS editing and design. Additionally, the site has built a community of publishers who can interact with, follow, and promote other people’s pieces.

You may use this already-existing community to spread the word about your brand. You’ll gain traction and readers if you’ve expended resources on producing a fantastic content experience on Medium. You can entice readers to your online store by offering links back to your website.

7. Master YouTube Marketing

image with youtube interface and outline


Create YouTube advertising, include links in your description or annotations, or ask other YouTubers to post your links on their videos to increase traffic from YouTube. You may increase the number of visitors to your website by continuously producing a new video at least once a week.

If you don’t yet have a following, you can approach YouTubers with substantial followings and request that they become affiliates or pay your fee. This might be effective in the short term, but if you want to cut your acquisition costs it’s always a good idea to try to build out your own channels.

8. Website Traffic With Facebook


Facebook is still a powerful platform, despite the fact that its organic reach is declining as it gives users’ friends and family priority in its algorithm. Facebook groups, Facebook ads, Messenger, social media postings, and of course your own business page may all be used to drive traffic to your website.

You can also boost your chances of receiving website visitors from various Facebook locations by mixing Facebook ads with regular posting on your Facebook page. Check out the Facebook Chat app to share links to your blog or product pages with both prospective and existing consumers.

9. Try Instagram Marketing



Instagram’s business-friendly features and sizable audience make it a superior marketing platform for online shops. While the link in your bio can help you drive more traffic, you can also do this by asking your affiliates—people who promote your goods in exchange for a commission—to post their own referral links to their Instagram profiles. Or ask celebrities with large followings to include your link in their bio. By developing traffic advertising, you may increase website traffic. Additionally, you can provide links to Instagram reels, posts, stories, and images. To build Instagram galleries, you can use free programs like Showcase.

10. Increase Website Traffic With LinkedInlinkedin

When sharing public relations news, many internet shops turn to LinkedIn. You might share an item from your website on LinkedIn, for instance, if you have made a donation to a charity, wish to spotlight a member of your staff, or reached a significant milestone for your company.

Unless the product is the first of its kind, sharing product URLs is uncommon. On LinkedIn, videos typically perform incredibly well in terms of views and engagement. You could improve website traffic by including a link to your website in a post that also includes a video.

11. Add Social Share Buttonssocial share buttons

Add social sharing buttons to pages on your website that can be shared, such as blog articles, product pages, and photographs. Users can easily share your material on social media sites (with links included! ), which will increase your traffic and social proof. When someone in their circle sees these posts, they can visit your website by clicking through.

12. Engage in E-mail Marketing

email marketing


Email marketing will allow you to continue directing visitors to your store’s website. Email marketing is one of the only marketing strategies that you have total control over because social media platforms are always limiting your audience.

It can take a while to build a list for email marketing, so it’s crucial to get started right away. By including Email Pirate, which adds opt-in forms to your website, you can create an email list.

13.  Maximize Twitter Marketing

twitter marketing


Twitter is an excellent medium for experimentation if you’re still learning how to improve website traffic. You won’t have to be anxious about having a limited reach. Relevant hashtags could help you reach a wider audience than just the people who follow you.

When it comes to content marketing, a quick hack I use to attract traffic from Twitter is to send those who are mentioned in the piece a link that they can click to retweet. Because you may rank higher on the stream for the hashtag used, this increases the visibility of your initial tweet, particularly if a hashtag is used in it. As a result, more people see the tweet and your website will see a higher click-through rate.

14.  Check out Pinterest



One of the most effective ways to increase website traffic is through Pinterest. When you pin your blog posts and items frequently, Pinterest traffic may surpass that of behemoths like Facebook. One viral pin is all it takes to drive an infinite stream of traffic to your website.

You can pin every image from a blog article if you’re sharing it. This provides you with numerous opportunities for a pin to go viral; one of your images might do better than the others. As a result, you might encourage even more visitors to return to your website.

15.  Promote Your Store on Snapchat



If you’re aiming for a younger audience, Snapchat is a great social media tool to engage with them. With a strategic plan, create your own audience and invite them to your website to discover more about your company, products, and services.

Snapchat options you might explore. During a user’s interaction with the app, these clickable snaps will appear. They can be pointed to any URL on your website.

16. Create Your Own Forum

Use your website as a forum where you welcome people to talk about things other than your company and its products. Create a courteous atmosphere where individuals can discuss subjects related to your area of expertise.

There is always a new conversation or new reaction in active forums, which encourages visitors to return to your website. Notifications can be used to actively entice users back.

17. Collaborate With Other Brands

Brand partnerships provide your business credibility and place you in front of a certain audience. Any brand relationship should include a digital element, especially if you want to increase website traffic.

18. Publish a Press Release

Make a press release about it, and then publish it. You should share the release to a syndicated website in addition to releasing it on your own channels. These services can help your brand and press release reach new audiences, which can increase website traffic to your site.

19.  Create Retargeting Ads to Win Back Visitors

retargeting ads


Only 2% of visitors will buy something on your website for the first time. Because you’re selling to a warm audience and attempting to get them to return for a second visit, retargeting ads are quite effective. You will have an easier job persuading them to convert as a result.

The conversion in the context of retargeting ads is a visit to your website. Consider basing your retargeting advertising on user behavior to increase traffic to your website. You may personalize and enhance the user experience by using automation that can be set to activate based on the actions your customers have performed online.

20. Experiment With Content Freshness


People use the SEO strategy of “content freshness” to significantly increase website traffic. To maintain the relevance of your material, you essentially need to delete out-of-date pieces from your website and add new ones. It simply involves updating outdated website content.


In conclusion, attract visitors by optimizing your website with relevant keywords, building backlinks, analyzing competitors, and using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Add social share buttons, try email marketing, and engage on Twitter, Snapchat, and forums. Collaborate with other brands, publish press releases, and use retargeting ads. Keep your website fresh with new content. Enrolling in a digital marketing course Thrissur will help you understand these techniques and master the art of increasing website traffic effectively.