The Bard V/S The New Bing In The Generative AI World

The Bard Vs the New Bing is a topic on fire in the tech world.  Google and Microsofts are rivals who always try to steal each other’s thunder. They have a long history of tech war. 

Beginning Of The War

Google owns  92% of the search engine market. Google was introduced by, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Initially, Larry Page approached Yahoo proposing the Google acquisition for $1 billion. But Yahoo turned the offer down. Yahoo negotiated to acquire Google in 2002. But Terry Semel (CEO of Yahoo, 2001-2007) wasn’t convinced by the price of $3 billion. After that, the growth of Google as a search engine was dramatic.

Yahoo introduced ‘Yahoo! Instant Messenger’ and bought Flickr to get an upper hold on the market share. Major users of Yahoo changed the search engine regardless of the efforts. This led to the crash of Yahoo.  The Microsoft Corporation proposed to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion, in 2008 february. Succeeding negotiations, in July 2009 Microsoft and Yahoo came to terms. The arrangement was for 10 years Yahoo can use the Microsoft reach engine, Bing, for search results in return Yahoo need to manage the advertisements for Microsoft. That’s when Google becomes the rival for Microsoft. The parent company of Google is Alphabet.

The Rise of Google

founders of google in garage

The founding fathers of Google are Larry Page (Lawrence Edward Page) and Sergey Brin (Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin). In 1995 at Standford University, they met for the first time. Larry was considering Stanford for higher education. Sergey was a student at Standford and was given the duty to show Larry, the campus around. After a few years, they worked together in their dorm room and built a search engine. The significance of each web page on the WWW (World Wide Web) was decided by, the search engine using the technic ‘backing links’. It is known as the search engine backrub, in 1996. This search engine was renamed ‘Google’, in 1998. The term ‘Google’ means  1 followed by 100 zeros.

As mentioned early, Larry Page approached Yahoo proposing the Google acquisition for $1 billion so they can continue their studies at Standford. But Yahoo turned the offer down. Google was noticed by the academic community. In the same year, Sun Microsystem Co. founder Andy Bechtolshein become an investor in Google for $100,000. That’s when Google become Google Incorporated. Larry Page the CEO of Google  At the time, they were running in the garage of Susan Wojcicki ( Ex CEO of Youtube). When Google Incorporated relocated to ‘ The Googleplex’ ( The Headquarters Of Google).

Now Google has many products; Google Search, Google Alerts, Google Assistant, Google Books, Google Dataset Search, Google Flights, Google Images, Google Shopping, Google Travel, Google Videos, and so on. Google has products in the field of creative works, documents, articles, media, advertisement, productivity tools, communication and publishing tools, statistical tools, map tools, business tools, developer tools, health care tools, security tools, mobile applications, hardware, desktop application, and operating systems. Now Google has its hands in the AI field. Google Bard is a base stone for the future of AI.


The Evolution of Microsoft

founders of microsoft in garage

The founding father of Microsoft is Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III) and the co-founder is Paul Allen (Paul Gardner Allen ). They were childhood friends from Seattle. Gates and Allen used to bunk the class to spend more time in the school computer lab. One day they hacked the school computer. They were caught red-handed. But they didn’t get punished. Instead, they were offered more time in the computer lab in return, they were asked to improve the performance of school computers.

During their high school time, they owned a company called Traf-O-Data with the help of Paul Gilbert. For counting the traffic in the city of Seattle they sold a computer. Initially, they converted the basic computer, which has computer program language. In 1975, Gates offered MITS, makers of the Altair, for developing a new version of the BASIC (Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming language for the Altair 8800 Microcomputer. Gates developed the interpreter and Allen developed the stimulator. That was a win for them. The product was merchandised as Altair BASIC.

On 1975 April 4, Microsoft was officially founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gates was designated as the CEO of Microsoft  The name, Microsoft was suggested by Allen. It was taken from the words ‘Microcomputer and software’. The company was registered in New Mexico on November 26, 1976. They continued to develop the program languages. Microsoft bought the operating system from another company and named MS-DOS(Microsoft Disk Operating System) for the personal computers of  International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in 1980. 


Bard: The AI of Google

Google's AI tool Bard logo

Bard is a Generative AI developed with Unsupervised Machine Learning. In this technique, Bard is provided with a large database with no restrictions like implicit content labels or oversee. It is capable of analyzing any queries by the users and generating a proper answer. It is using the information from Google to generate the answers. Bard is developed with a Large Language Model (LLM) a version of LaMDA (Language Model For Dialogue Application).

Google Bard was introduced on February 6, 2023, by the CEO Sundar Pichai. It is a conversational bot with natural language processing to interact like a human. Normally, chatbots are with a single conversational turn like they are capable of one command or conversation at a time. But Bard is a multi-turn conversation bot. Bard has transformers that are neural network architecture. Transformers are helpful for Natural Language Processing. Bard is accessed using a Google account by signing into the waiting list. After getting access, browsing with pc is recommended due to the lack of optimization on mobile.


The New Bing: The AI Of Microsoft

microsoft's AI tool Bing logo

The New Bing is a Generative AI chat boat that uses OpenAI’s AI model, GPT. Bing is the AI chatbot of the Microsoft Corporation. This helps mankind to do their work easier and more creatively. From the search engines, this technology can generate a proper answer to the query asked.  There is a misconception that Bing Chat and Chat GPT are the same. Microsoft is an investor in the tech company AI. The only similarity is that they use the standard base software from OpenAI.

Bing can enter into the conversation even about the latest news and events. The database used for the training of the base software of Bing was never revealed. Bing can access the database of Microsoft. This AI uses API (Application Program Interface) for machine learning. You can use the New Bing through the latest version of Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft account. You can access this on pc and mobile conveniently. The New Bing was announced on February 7, 2023, by the CEO Satya Nadella. The New Bing has a search bar of 1000 character limit. This version differs from the older version of Bing in visual design accept. 


Similarities In The Bard And New Bing

similarities In Bard And New Bing

  • Both of them are Generative AI software.
  • Conversational human-like interactions are provided.
  • The Bots could generate the answers rather than giving the sites related to the question asked.
  • Follow-up questions are answered sufficiently and efficiently.
  • Both of them are going through the same kind of processing to get an answer; analyzing the question, crawling through the database, Ranking them according to the question asked, and providing the most appropriate result.
  • So basically, they are content curators; Because they find the answers and present the most appropriate ones for the user.
  • Have a large database and language model.
  • Both of them are providing free access for now.
  • Machine learning is used.
  • These models can create write-ups, poems, and articles.
  • People use this mostly as a work assistant.
  • There is a chance that this software may provide misinformation.
  • When complex questions are asked in a twisted way, errors may be provided.
  • Hackers may manipulate these AI bots to get knowledge that could harm society.
  • Generative AI may lead to unemployment for people working in some fields.
  • These bots can do jobs that take days to complete within minutes.
  • We can generate multiple results for the same question by regenerating the option in the chat box.
  • There is a chance that in the future these platforms will be paid or have Ads. 
  • More versions will be introduced after rectifying the issues.
  • AI consists of Automate tasks. Automated tasks are work that is repetitive and frequent. So technology can be used for this work rather than doing it manually.
  • Unlike normal computer language, these chatbots can understand natural language.


The Bard Vs The New Bing


bard vs the new bing

  • The Parent Companies

Bard is owned by Google, which is a subsidiary company of Alphabet Incorporation. New Bing is owned by Microsoft Corporation. 

  • Models Used For Training

The New Bing is based on the GPT Model. GPT is trained using the Generative Pre-trained transformer. Bard has transformers that are neural network architecture. Transformers are used for Natural Language Processing.

  • Precision In The Results

The users are more convinced by the truthness of information by the New Bing rather than the Bard. 

  • Accessibility

Bard is accessed using a Google account by signing into the waiting list. We should wait for days to get access to the platform. For The New Bing, we need the latest version of Microsoft Edge and an account in Microsoft. Access will be immediately granted to the user.

  • Default Result Generation For Each Query

When using bot assistance to generate results, there is a chance that it may sound robotic. To overcome this, Bard has a feature to generate 3 default answers for every query. This is called ‘Drafts’. New Bing does not have this option in it. But use can ask Bing to generate results again. So it will give variant answers.

  • Plagiarism Detector

To add value to the human written content Microsoft has similarity checkers in Excel assignments check and MS Office (In-built). Bard has the Detect Bard to identify the AI-generated content.

  • Citation

New Bing gives citation links from where it finds the information. It is a kind of referral link. Bard is not revealing the source of the data.

  • Daily Limit

In Bing chat, there is a limitation for the chat; Per day 50 sections or questions are the maximum. But by changing the browser, you can use Bing chat more than the limit. There is no limit on the Bard.

  • Ban For The Software

The is no official ban on Bing chat in any country. There is news related to banning the Bard in some universities in Russia.

  • Follow Questions

Bard and Bing can recall the conversation we had with it. But Bard’s capacity to remember these interactions and follow all the commands to generate the next result is poor. Bing can remember all of the commands and generate results according to the need of the user. Bing possesses long contextual memory. 

  • The Authenticity Of The Texts Created By The Bots

There are reports that Google Bard has copies of the same summaries from some sites without generating something new from the data. New Bing always generates the original output.

  • Database 

The database of the Bard is mainly from the Google search engine. The OpenAI hasn’t revealed the database used to train GPT. This is the platform used to develop the New Bard.

  • Linguist Skills

Bard can only support English. Bing Chat understands and generates results in multiple languages. 

  • Optical Convenience 

 Browsing the Bard with pc is recommended due to the lack of optimization on mobile. Bing chat can be used on both devices conveniently.   

  • Search Bar Character Limit

For Bing Chat 1000 characters are the limit. Bard doesn’t have any limit.

  • Time Lag

Google Bard has a good name for answering queries swiftly. It has the speed of Google. In the case of Bing, there is a time lag. The time lag seen is almost 3 seconds. Sometimes there is a glitch. 

  • Creation Of AI Images

To create an AI image New Bing uses DALL.E. OpenAI developed deep learning models to create digital images from natural language descriptions given by the user. These are called ‘prompts’. Bard is not capable of generating AI images as of now.

  • Language Models  

OpenAI language model is used in New Bing. LaMD(Language Model for Dialogue Applications) is Bard’s language model.

  • Coding Abilities

Google Bard struggles to do coding like an expert. Bard is only capable of doing basic coding, even those are pretty weak. New Bing is good at coding. Complex coding is out of hand for Bing.

  • Conversational Modes

We can give context and ask the bard to rewrite with a change in word count. The Bard also can adapt accounting to the instructions. On the other hand, Bing Chat is with 3 modes. Creative, Balanced, and Precise modes are there. In the creative mode, Bing will generate imaginative results. The Balanced mode will generate a combination of facts and innovative results. Precise mode provides results that are formal or facts. 

  • User Friendly

Bing chat is more user-friendly. The variations in the modes improve the interaction. Bard tent to have formal and fact-based conversations.



The Bard VS the New Bing is a discussion subject all over the globe. Everyone is eager and a bit anxious about the growth of AI. You all will be clear about the Bard and Bing from the above write-up. So From the overall performance, it’s difficult to establish a winner in the Bard Vs the New Bing face-off.

We could say, the GPT-based New Bing is better at the Natural Language program. Bard is more of a friendly conversation, but the results generated sound robotic a bit. As GPT is trained with a large database, Bing gives more accurate information. Bard can generate 3 default answers for a single query. This is going to be a great benefit in the future. Because AI chatbots can be paid for in the future. So getting 3 answers to a single question is beneficial for the user. New Bing can generate the answers over again on demand. Here, Bard is more beneficial than New Bing.

To get Bard access people need to wait. New Bing is less time-consuming with the procedure. So some who want a sudden AI bot service will go for New Bing. The source of information is not revealed by the Bard but by New Bing. Bing has a major drawback which is, it has a limit for daily queries. But Bard doesn’t. So Bard is more convenient that way. Bard struggles to follow the previous instructions and combine the need of the user to generate answers. New Bing has no such problem. It can follow all the instructions from now and previous conversations. It can do all of them without messing up.

Bard is blamed for copying the work from other sites and projecting it as the bot itself generated it. New Bing tries to keep the originality in for the generated results. Google Bard is mostly trained with the database of Google. The data used to train GPT, New Bing base software, is unknown. Bard supports only English. On the other hand, the New Bing could handle multiple languages. That’s a significant advantage for the New Bing. Microsoft has optical convenience in all devices, unlike Bard. Word limit is a constraint for Bing Chat, a maximum of 1000 characters can only be entered on the search bar. Bard has unlimited search bar character capacity.

Bard has the flash speed to generate an answer. Whereas Bing lag for a few seconds and glitches are seen. That is not good for Bing Chat. People are on Hurryberry all the time. Bard will steal the thunder here. Bard has only one conversational mode. Bing Chat is with 3 modes. Creative, Balanced, and Precise modes are there. Bing has diversity in the chat. The coding skills of Bard, are questionable. News Bing could handle it like an expert.

So in the Bard Vs the New Bing, we can see both the bots need to be better in many matters. Even though in the conclusion of “The Bard Vs The New Bing”, we may say that New Bing is a bit better than the Bard. Considering the developments made by the companies Bard may win over Bing in the future.


Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s New Bing are rival chatbots that have revolutionized search engine interactions. Bard offers a friendly conversation but can sound robotic, while New Bing excels in accuracy and versatile modes. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, it’s crucial to stay updated. Enrolling in a digital marketing course in Thrissur provides insights into driving website traffic, optimizing search engines, and using social media for marketing, it helps you to stay ahead and maximize your online presence.