Live stream E-commerce

Live stream e-commerce

Live Stream E-Commerce

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Live stream E-commerce is one of the most progressive business models in e-commerce digital marketing. Live streaming e-commerce can be very innovative with current shopping trends. It may look quite different in the future. Today’s modern consumers place a high value on the brand. Most startups realize this.

One of the biggest advantages of online e-commerce is that you can reuse your data whenever you want. Live streaming e-commerce, or live shopping for short is a marketing platform where a host, usually a person or organization, promotes or promotes a product via live video. It’s like a home shopping TV show where one person shows how to use the product, but as the name suggests, any interaction between the host and the audience is completely live. If you are an entrepreneur, it is best to contact a digital marketing agency or digital marketing trainers. Both live streams present e-commerce and digital retailers to a large online audience. while allowing users to respond individually.

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This is a completely different approach to traditional online video sales because it is automated and tamper-proof, allowing viewers to ask and answer questions in chat and make a purchase by purchasing any product communication directly. They see it in life.

It originated in China to determine the role of television shopping in the future of electronic commerce. It is enough to be satisfied with the results every year. In fact, Chinese online auction platforms Alibaba and Taobao Live have more than 500 million users who regularly visit to take advantage of special offers, especially on annual record-breaking special occasions like Singles’ Day. There are only 24-hour sales, but in the first 20 minutes of this year, it recorded $7.5 billion in sales, growing from 2022.

Live streaming is a promising sales channel for marketing. While it was still in its infancy in China and some countries in the US, we’ve seen real-time trading quickly enter the market, with Colombia taking the lead. Understanding the key facts and statistics about online disclosures will help marketers take advantage of this new opportunity and pay to take advantage of it.

Meaning Live Stream Shopping or Live Stream E-Commerce :

Live broadcast and live stream e-commerce is the sale of products through two-way communication using popular live broadcast platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Audience Tracking is Easy: compared to normal e-commerce, the product is more detailed. All features of the product can be displayed to users in real time.
 Two-Way Communication: Unlike traditional shopping platforms such as e-commerce sites (Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio). Customer-consumer interaction is possible.
Making Content Distribution Easy for Users: In the beginning, live content distribution was very difficult. The Internet, video and audio equipment, and encoders made live presentations difficult at the time. Live streaming is not a problem nowadays because everyone, regardless of age, has access to smartphones and the internet.

Live stream E-Commerce or Live Broadcast Shopping Process:

If you have a product to sell via live-stream e-commerce, the first thing you should do is reach out to social media influencers, models, or celebrities. Promote your brand with celebrities or models by broadcasting live on popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Options such as a live stream buy button are offered to the customer so that the customer can easily purchase the product. This is an opportunity for customers to ask the presenter about the product being presented.

The best ways to take E-commerce live streaming to the next level

When a clothing retailer markets its products to a specific region while answering customers’ questions about the product in real time, it builds trust and collaboration. Viewers can add items to their carts directly from the live stream and choose Delivery for a seamless experience from start to finish.

Why Do Customers Like to Buy Fresh?

a girl with dress in live stream E-commerce platform

How can live product placement be better if it’s a quick display of products to buy instead of a comfortable image of a model? Also, it starts at a certain time and if I check later, the product I want to buy may not be available.

Indeed, but do not forget a very important thing. Live streaming brings people together. And that’s what we need, especially during the pandemic.

“Like home shopping, live shopping is a form of online shopping that provides a real-time interactive experience between influencers or celebrities and consumers. Sales revenue is expected to reach 1.2 trillion yuan at the end of 2023, and the amount of live shopping is also happening in China. (source)

Let’s see what benefits we can say;

Real-time value
Enabling real-time trading is one of the most important features of live trading. Why? It can be a sense of urgency that makes customers buy now, quickly, as long as this unique product is available at a good price. This naturally encourages quick buying and only works for better sales.

live stream e-commerce allows shopping to be quick and easy
With live trading, product bookings are made through live messaging. After that, it is difficult to abandon the purchase, because the customer can easily go through the entire purchase process. As soon as the customer sees the product on the screen, he can book immediately without further confirmation. And if the device allows, it is possible to buy products directly from the stream.

Purchases are instant – I look at the app, see something cool and buy it.

Bring the people
Customers become more loyal and loyal through the direct interaction that life trading provides. In addition, the fact that many other people are watching the live stream e-commerce makes them feel like they are with other buyers. It’s always better to buy in groups.

More accurate product presentation
Live video allows sellers to show products in detail. If it is cloth, the presenter can wear it and show the audience how it looks on the body. Live streaming also allows customers to ask questions and we can react quickly, for example: by changing lighting or position. Showing how a specific device fits and presents itself to the person will increase customer trust and confidence.

Before you broadcast, you should ask people to invite others to the event, for example by sharing it with your friends on social media. It’s not just being famous. This type of engagement enables people to find and buy from their friends. You can encourage them, e.g. By promising that there will be a match if the live stream is watched by a certain number of people.

Additionally, you can join the entire community by inviting influencers to stream. They develop trust with these people, so customers are willing to buy the products they recommend.

Live streaming is available on social media
You can live on social media like Facebook and Instagram and sell your products there.

However, these live streams do not have as many options as others. “Add to cart” is possible when connecting the entire store to the flow of the mobile application. Therefore, it is a good idea to test this channel through social media to find out if this option is suitable for your business.

Mobile app for live trading
When the retail industry expands to include other e-commerce channels, new opportunities arise for entrepreneurs. New solutions have begun to appear on the market that offers customers the use of live trading directly from the application.


In conclusion, live stream e-commerce is an innovative way to sell products and attract customers. It helps businesses to boost sales, allows real-time interactions, build trust, and provide unique shopping experiences to customers. A clear understanding of the advantages and effective strategies of live stream e-commerce is necessary to succeed in business. Take a master class of the best digital marketing course in Kerala and become an expert in live stream e-commerce and digital marketing.