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Live stream e-commerce in India 2022

Live stream E-commerce

Live Stream E-commerce



Live stream E-commerce is one of the most trending marketing strategies in digital marketing. Live stream E-commerce will be very innovative from current shopping methods. It could look completely different in the future. Today’s modern customers place a lot of importance on brand value. Realizing this, most new start-ups.

The primary advantage of live streaming E-commerce is you can reuse your content whenever you want. Live stream E-commerce, or simply live shopping, is a marketing strategy wherein a host, under normal conditions, a person or a thing influences or promotes a product through live video. It is like a home shopping Tv show where a person shows how to use a product, but all engagement between the host and audience is, as the name sounding, completely live. If you are a business owner it would be best to approach a digital marketing agency

Live stream E-commerce in effect the two, putting digital retailers in front of a huge online audience w

while still allowing them to respond to customers on a one-by-one level.

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It is a completely different medium than traditional online video sales because it is spontaneous and unedited, allowing viewers to ask questions and comment in real-time in chat and purchase through direct purchase links for each item. They see live.

It has its origin in China and to determine the role that Livestream Shopping will play in the future of electronic commerce; it is enough to appreciate the results that it produces annually. In fact, the Chinese online sales platform Alibaba, with Taobao Live, has over 500 million monthly users who gather regularly to take advantage of special offers, especially for its special events such as Single’s Day, which breaks records every year. Of sale and only lasts 24 hours, whereas this year in the first 20 minutes it had registered sales worth 7.5 billion dollars, which represents an increase compared to 2022.

Livestream is a promising sales channel for retail. Although it is still in its early stages, in China and some countries in the Americas, among which Colombia is at the forefront, we have already seen that live trading makes rapid leaps to penetrate the retail market. Understanding the important facts and figures related to living streaming can help businesses take advantage of this new opportunity, and it pays to take advantage of it.


Live streaming E-commerce is the method of selling products through two-way interaction using famous Live streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth.

It is easy to convenience the audience: compare to normal E-commerce, the product can be

Presented in more detail. All product features can be shown live in front of the customers.

Two-way interaction: Unlike normal shopping methods like E-commerce websites (Flipkart, Amazon, AJIO). Customer-to-buyer communication is possible.
Easy to pass information to customers: in the beginning, live streaming was very difficult. Internet, video and audio equipment, and encoders all made live streaming difficult at that time. Live streaming is not a problem today as everyone, irrespective of age, has a smartphone and internet access.

Process of live stream e-commerce or live stream shopping:

If you have a product sold through Live stream E-commerce, the first thing you should do for this is to approach social media influencers, models, or celebrities. Advertise your product with such celebrities or models through Live streaming on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Options like buying button are available to the customer while the live streaming is going on and through that, the customer can easily purchase the product. Here is an opportunity for customers to ask the presenter about the product being presented.

Best ways to Live stream E-commerce to the next level

live stream commerce

If a dress retailer sells his product offering for a specific region while answering customer questions about products in real-time, building trust and engagement. Audiences can add products to their cart directly from the Live stream and select saree delivery for a seamless experience from start to end.
Beauty products selling through YouTube live to stream.


advantage and disadvantages of livestream e commerceSecurity


more audience
customer support
Two interactions
Reuse your content



  • Disadvantage 
    Language issues

    Need more rehearsal
    Limited audience
    Time-consuming of customers
    Availability of internet speed



The existing possibility of live stream e-commerce is increasing, and most shopping platforms are converting to this strategy. The audience knows you better and trusts your product more. Very smooth at communication in this method. There are mainly two categories familiar with e-commerce: the first is shopping, and the second is entertainment.

The company Alibaba has adopted this live stream shopping strategy, but Taobao, a shopping company, was first in this field. The Taobao live technology also enabled consumers to respond simultaneously by asking questions, leaving comments, and emojis creating a real-time conversation many KOLs built and grow their fan base into the billions, laying a foundation for the rapid and mass adoption of the technology.

Live stream shopping will be the most important shopping method in the future.

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