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Why Choose A Career In Digital Marketing In Kerala 2022


career in digital marketing in kerala



For the last three years, we have been hearing the name digital marketing everywhere. You must be wondering when you see the vacancies available for this job ‘Why does digital marketing has so many job opportunities’ even in this recession period while other professional job seekers are struggling to find a job and how is the career in digital marketing in Kerala is still in trend. In this blog, we are going to discuss the digital marketing jobs and the scope of digital marketing in Kerala.

The average course duration of digital marketing is 6 months and right after the course, there are plenty of job opportunities available for digital marketers. As a fresher digital marketer can grab a package of an average of 15000 INR and there is no other course that gives a similar salary for such a short duration course. The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is 50000 and that’s just the case in Kerala.

The Scope Of Career In Digital Marketing Kerala




Now every company in the world is working on creating a digital presence. The ultimate advantage of a career in digital marketing is that You can specifically target the audience that You want. In traditional marketing, the advertising was done massively and many of the audience who are not interested will receive this but in this case, we can focus on the customers we want and has more control over ads. In this digital world, people are living in an internet bubble. People with similar interests are getting focused content and ads.

This is happening because of the optimized algorithm of internet bots. There aren’t plenty of people who have the skills and knowledge to pursue and that is where the role of digital marketer comes in handy and that is one of the reasons for a career in digital marketing in Kerala getting such a boom.

Online Marketing is a powerful tool and an integral part of marketing. If someone is starting a new business or currently running a business and is not yet popular can easily go for digital marketing for their branding and establishing the products or services to the public through Search Engines or other Social Media platforms. This is one of the reasons for the high demand for a career in digital marketing in Kerala.

Types Of Career In Digital Marketing In Kerala


Digital Marketing Courses are getting so many new updates and different ways to attract people globally but since Kerala is just getting started, here it more focuses on the basics. But there is a merit that You can work for any company from around the world at any time if You have a computer and an internet connection.

The global trend of digital marketing also gives great opportunities for those who work as a freelancer too. Many digital marketers are known for doing freelance work, it is also a good sign that it creates a flexible work time and environment for digital marketers, and that’s why they call a career in digital marketing in Kerala a new generation or modern world job.


Search Engine Optimization


This is one of the first things You need to learn if you are choosing digital marketing as a career. Google holds the 92 percent search share of the internet and the majority of the users will get what they are searching for on the first page. Google has over 500 updates on its algorithm and provides the most efficient search results for its users.

It is really important to make Your website on the first page of a search result while a customer or user search for something that your business is related to. So in other words the job of a search engine optimizer is to make the given website rank on google by identifying the possible keywords a user will use to search your product or services.


Social Media Marketing


career in digital marketing in kerala


Social Media is a powerful tool for branding and advertising. Almost every business in the world is currently focusing on social media. We can’t complain about them because these platforms have the most audiences than anywhere. The time of posters and notices are already on the verge of extinction. These social media users are in a bubble categorized by their similar interests, sex, age group, job, etc. So the marketers can advertise their services or product to that exact audience, if it is the case of brand awareness Social Media is the best tool now available. you need to learn & certified in any social media marketing courses to get a job as a social media marketer


Content Marketing


a girl typing content


There is a quote that even Google will accept, that is ‘content is king’. Google is famous for its accurate search results and they do not compromise on its quality. The main aim of the integrated google algorithms is to optimize its webpage rank, accuracy, and quality of content. Google will remove or penalize the spammed and less relevant content. Relevancy is the key to any website. So companies need experts in content creation and should be the best in business while marketing it.


Video Productions


video editing career in digital in kerala


Videos help the brands to tell the story directly to the audience. Whether it is the company sites or Social Media platforms they all need videos to showcase. It is the most effective way to communicate to the users about the products we sell or the services we provide, even in the case of branding. So a career in digital marketing in Kerala is going to offer so many vacancies for video production experts.

Web Developer


career in digital marketing in kerala


As a digital marketer, it is important to understand the basics of coding and web development. Since it this, a Himalayan task to learn every skill of digital marketing most digital agencies and big companies always go for hiring a web developer for their websites. In the future, every company is going to be a tech company and web developer jobs will get a boom in the coming years.

As web developers, they need to know the analytics of the web like which content is more selling or grabbing more attention and which are the contents performing poorly. Fixing the bugs or securing the website. If a web developer masters skills and has a career in digital marketing in Kerala, it will be a killer combo.


Email Marketing



Email marketing is the way of marketing through email. It is one of the most efficient and powerful tools to market to the audience and to make awareness to the customers. Email marketing is usually divided into two categories engagement and transactional. Engagement email marketing is more like explaining and introducing a product or service while transactional mail is more direct. The transactional emails are usually about a product so that after seeing the mail the interested parties can directly purchase the product.

Search Engine Manager


search engine manager career in digital marketing in kerala


The Search engine manager has to optimize the search campaign. This job consists of updating the proper search results such as finding ways to rank the website, providing new ideas to remain top of the google search, researching the right keyword for the websites, fetching reports on those results, etc. As search engine managers they also need to handle the paid search campaigns too.

This job needs a highly experienced and skilled person. This is because these jobs need plenty of research and should have a clear-cut idea of current market trends. The contents of the website should be updated regularly search engines always prioritize the newly updated content. This is one of the best jobs after taking a career in digital marketing in Kerala.


Upcoming Trends Of Digital Marketing Career In Kerala


The above mentioned are the current trends in the career in digital marketing in Kerala. Those are already existing careers. Digital marketing will evolve and update every time. The Google algorithm will have approximately 300 updates per year, showing which career in digital marketing in Kerala will have so many opportunities and new jobs in Kerala.

AR and VR Content Creator


vr career in digital marketing in kerala


If we watch closely tech giants like Google, Facebook, etc. it is clear that they are building a virtual world. That is right, The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality(AR and VR) are the next big thing that is going to happen in the future If we say to a person in 2000 that we will be able to do a video call on our mobiles that person will obviously laugh, the same thing with VR but the tech companies are killing it and so do the importance of digital marketing, The digital marketing will turn its way to virtual mode. There are already VR companies that are in development right now in Kerala.

Data Analysts


data analyst career in digital marketing in kerala


The world is all about data today, There are plenty of data available now and there are millions more to achieve,
In the present world, data has a more vital role than at any time. In this internet era, the duty of an analysis-based analysis is huge and complex Digital marketing needs data analysts to target the right audience. Kerala is on its way to data analysis-based digital marketing. So Data analysts and data scientists are the next big career in digital marketing in the coming years.

Voice Recognition Strategist


This is an upcoming trend career in digital marketing in Kerala. Studies show that people will use voice-controlled devices more often in the future than they are using today. So for that proper voice recognition strategies should be made to cope with that. There already are devices available for voice recognition such as Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

But in Kerala people are not using as much as in other countries, so the companies are not immediately hiring such experts who are specialized in Voice recognition-based search queries but this is going to be a great job opportunity in the state and a good career in digital marketing in Kerala.



From the above data career in digital marketing, Kerala is just getting started and it is not going to end any time soon. This course has the feasibility. Targeting the audience, or branding everything is so much more efficient digitally. The fact that every big tech company is investing hugely in marketing has already given us the hint about this is the next big thing.

Now is the best period to begin a career in digital marketing because the trend has already begun and is currently one of the few jobs or maybe the only crash course that is available in Kerala which helps You earn such a good salary in the state itself. If You are focusing on other states or foreign countries there are plenty of jobs available there too. By having a computer and a proper internet connection You could work at the flexible times anywhere for the companies anywhere around the world.

Thus digital marketing is a job of the modern world. Learn Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur, Kerala With Dotin Digital Academy