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    Best Performance Marketing Course in Kerala

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    Unlock endless opportunities with our meticulously designed Best Performance Marketing Course! Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a visionary business owner, our comprehensive course caters to your needs. Engage in expert-led sessions, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies to master campaign optimization, data-driven insights, and maximizing ROI.

    Our Performance Marketing Course curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a well-rounded and cutting-edge learning experience. From understanding the fundamentals of performance marketing to delving into advanced strategies, with hands-on exercises and real-world case studies, you’ll gain practical insights to apply your knowledge with confidence.

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    Kerala's First Performance Marketing Blended curriculum

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    Learn From the Industry Experts

    We're a unique Digital Academy, dedicated to teaching digital marketing by skilled experts. Join us to master the digital world!

    Agency-Style Learnings

    Dotin Digital Academy offers an outstanding atmosphere. Connect with experts, engage, and gain knowledge through every Academy activity.

    100% Placement Assistance

    Being the top agency-style digital institute in Kerala, we ensure our students receive full placement support, guaranteeing great career opportunities.

    Practical experience on live projects

    You get to be part of 10+ projects from our parent company, including exciting international ventures for a diverse experience.

    Importance of Performance Marketing.

    Performance marketing is a strategic approach wherein the focus lies on attaining specific, measurable outcomes for your business. Unlike conventional promotional methods, performance marketing relies on data and precise tactics to accomplish your goals.

    Performance marketing is like a super-smart way to find people who really like what you have and make sure they hear your message. It's also like having a special report card that tells you what's going well and what's not, so you spend your time and money smartly. In today's digital world, performance marketing is the secret sauce to get ahead and make your business shine. Enroll the best performance marketing course in Kerala, for optimize your efforts to achieve the best results and get the most out of your marketing budget.

    Skills you'll learn.

    Master digital marketing strategy

    Inbound Marketing

    Website Planning

    Design Essentials

    Tools & Techniques

    WordPress Management

    Advanced Keyword Research

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Marketing

    Google Analytics

    Content Marketing Strategy

    Blog Writing & Publishing

    Social Media Marketing

    Lead Generation Campaign

    Campaign Management & Reporting

    Online Reputation Management

    Google Adsense

    Affiliate Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Media Planning & Buying

    Marketing Automation

    Introduction to E-Commerce

    Agency Orientation

    Web Optimization

    Course Curriculum.

    • The Fundamental Concepts of Performance Marketing
    • Finding your target audiences
    • Picking the right channels
    • Stealing from competitors
    • B2B – Performance Marketing
    • B2C – Performance Marketing
    • Metrics to Master in PM
    • Message Matching
    • Ad Copy – Foundation
    • Writing ads that get people to click
    • Ad Creative – Foundation
    • Designing ads that get people to buy
    • Popular Ad Copy Frameworks
    • Audience Stages
    • Funnel creation & mapping
    • Ad Teardown
    • Audience Research Tools
    • VOC Research
    • Value proposition – Frameworks
    • Ad Copy – Frameworks & Formulas
    • Understanding Conversion Events
    • Setting up conversion tracking
    • Introduction to Analytics Platforms
    • 6 Google Analytics – Essentials
    • Google Tag Manager – Essentials
    • Segment – Essentials
    • Matamo – Essentials
    • Mixpanel – Essentials
    • Facebook Ads – Foundation
    • Google Ads – Foundation
    • Programmatic, DV 360 & Oracle Bluekai -Foundation
    • Cold Traffic Campaign Strategie
    • Warm Traffic Campaign Strategies
    • Hot Traffic Campaign Strategies
    • Campaign Troubleshooting Strategies
    • Campaign Scaling Strategies
    • Awareness + Acquisition channels overview
    • Truth about awareness channels
    • Affiliate Marketing – Deep Dive
    • Ad Networks – Deep Dive
    • App Campaigns – Deep Dive
    • Programmatic vs Direct Buying
    • Audience Building Strategie
    • Offer Building & Ad Optimization Strategies
    • Ad automation – Deep Dive and Hacks
    • Attribution Fundamentals
    • Commonly available attribution models
    • Pros Vs Cons of the most common models
    • B2B & B2C Attribution Models
    • Ad Automation – Tools
    • Budget, Bid, Audience & Creative Automation

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      Performance Marketing offers a thrilling career opportunity in today's digital landscape. As businesses shift marketing online, demand for skilled marketers surges.

      SEO and performance marketing are like digital buddies. SEO makes your search results better, while performance marketing does different online things to get you specific, measurable results.

      Performance marketing allows businesses to concentrate on achieving measurable results in their marketing efforts. It's a cost-effective and results-driven approach in digital advertising.

      To become an expert in performance marketing, you need to practice and try new things. Join a best performance marketing course with proper advanced caricculam and live project internships.

      Got more questions?

      Talk to our team directly

      A program advisor will get in touch with you shortly.

      Are you looking for the best Performance Marketing Course in Kerala? Join Dotin Digital Academy and elevate your skills in various domains of Digital Marketing. Experience hands-on practical exposure led by industry-leading professionals. Don’t wait; secure your spot now for the Performance Marketing Course in Kerala!