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Welcome to Dotin Digital Academy, The top-notch Digital Marketing Course in Calicut, Kerala

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Start to learn today with Dotin Academy

Be at the forefront of Digital marketing course in Calicut with Dotin Academy, where your goals are our mission. Our attentively crafted courses ensure that, there is no need to look any further; You are just one click away from the best team in digital marketing.

Certified Digital Marketing Associate In Calicut,Kerala

Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Establish a strong foundation and advance into a strategist capable of driving digital triumph.

Digital marketing course in Calicut

Certified Social Media Expert

Harness the power of social media to craft compelling stories and establish enduring brand identities.

Digital marketing course in Calicut

Certified SEO Professional

Secure the leading positions in search engine domains with cutting-edge SEO strategies and methodologies.

Digital marketing course in Calicut

Advanced Diploma In Digital Marketing

Excel in the digital realm with a comprehensive program that prepares you for leadership in the industry.

95% Placement Rate. This isn't just our commitment, it's our track record.

From academics to Career: Dotin Academy's established method metamorphose your digital marketing potential into real-world achievement. Join the 95% who don't simply finish their academics pursuits—they excel into flourishing career

Learn Digital Marketing Course In Calicut, Kerala

Be at the forefront of digital marketing in calicut with Dotin Academy, where your goals are our mission. Our attentively crafted courses ensure that, there is no need to look any further; You are just one click away from the best team in digital marketing.

Digital marketing course in kottayam

Seeking the finest digital marketing course in Calicut, Kerala? Welcome to Dotin Digital Academy, the premier Digital Marketing Training institute in the region. We offer practical project-based training in Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing tailored for Students, Working professionals, and Entrepreneurs. Elevate your expertise in Digital Marketing with Dotin Digital Academy's master class.

The Validation of Our Commitments

True Tale, Genuine Triumph: Every testimonial is a validation of our dedication, an illustration of our promises realized.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Calicut, Kerala

Acquire digital expertise through an innovative digital education platform, where entrepreneurship and strategies for advancing in the digital domain are integrated into daily activities.

100% Placement Assistance

We don't Simply Instruct, We Ensure Full Placement Support

100% Placement Assistance

We don't Just Educate, We Provide 100% Placement Assistance.

International Certifications

Secure your global certification in Digital marketing with Dotin digital academy.

International Certifications

Grab your international certifications in Digital marketing with Dotinacademy.

Industry-Aligned Learning

Contemporary learning need updated & applicable curriculum.

Industry-Aligned Learning

Modern education need updated & relevant curriculum.

Excel in the Technologies, That Define the Sector

Acquire practical proficiency using top digital marketing tools in the industry, and evolve into the sought-after strategist that enterprises require.

New Venture From Dotin

Welcome to a dynamic hub of knowledge and creatives, where the never ending spirit of our students integrate with innovative skill to create progessive startups

Monday Hatch

Founders: Nepoleon, Ashlin & Agnigosh

Monday Hatch: Beyond a digital agency, we’re your engaged community ally. We blend skill and community ethos, assembling bespoke teams for digital aspirations, strategic blueprints, and imaginative execution. Your holistic destination for digital triumphs—whether it’s agency support or community synergy, we’re dedicated to fueling your marketing odyssey.

Digital marketing course in Alappuzha

The Cent Percent

Founders: Riyaz Majeed & Abhinand Sanil

Welcome to The Cent Percent Digital Agency, where innovation intersects with excellence! More than a digital agency, we craft your brand’s future. Our agile team specializes in a full range of services to amplify your digital footprint. Count on us for tailored solutions that reach 100% to meet your distinct business goals.

Digital marketing course in kottayam

Our Graduate Thrive in Professional Sphere

Dotin Academy alumni flourish across sectors, ascending to prominent organizations where they don't simply participate, they take charge.

Our Experienced Mentors

Digital marketing course in kottayam

Hamzad Basheer

Founder & CEO

Digital marketing course in kottayam

Shamna Bayis

Senior Mentor

Find Your Perfect Time allocation

Explore the program that matches both your ambition and availability, and move confidently towards your professional objectives alongside Dotin Academy.

Built your career with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential for the future! The era of digital knowledge is here, and this generation is poised to make history in the years ahead.

0 Lakhs+
Job openings in all over the world
Up to 0 Lakhs
Average Salary
digital marketing course in calicut

Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimization involves optimizing a website or webpage to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. The average salary range is Rs. 3,00,000 to 3,60,000 per year.

Digital marketing course in Calicut

Google Ads Expert

The typical income for a Google Ads Specialist averages around $45,000 annually or $20 per hour.

digital marketing course in calicut

Automation Expert

Digital marketing automation entails leveraging artificial intelligence and software to streamline digital marketing tasks.

digital marketing course in calicut

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing involves overseeing an organization's representation across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, among others.

digital marketing course in calicut

Digital Marketing Executive

This position entails managing diverse digital platforms, assessing analytics, and developing campaigns that resonate with specific target demographics.

And Many More.....

The digital marketing field is extensive, providing opportunities such as Content Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Strategist, Affiliate Marketing Manager, and others.

Hear From Our Founder

" Beyond Education, we shape Confidence; Beyond Knowledge, we Foster Purpose."

" At Dotin Academy, our vision transcends traditional education. In a world where many institutions focus on revenue over genuine skill development, we're determined to make a difference. Our commitment is to produce industry-ready candidates, equipped not just with theoretical knowledge but with the confidence and competence to excel in the real world. We believe in fostering curiosity, building confidence, and ensuring every student stands out."

Hamzad Basheer

Founder & CEO

Digital marketing course in kottayam

What set Dotin Digital Academy apart?

To explore into a dynamic digital world where innovation meets practicality. Our groundbreaking approach equips you with the wisdom to excel in the digital marketing terrain

Digital marketing course in kottayam

Personalized Guidance

Our seasoned experts provide tailored mentorship, ensuring individualized guidance and assuring that your digital marketing skills are honed to perfection. It's beyond mere education; it's about sculpting your future in the domain of digital marketing.

Progress with dedicated career support

Step confidently into your dream career with our tailored career support. From mock interviews to hackathons, we empower you to excel in the competitive job market.

Digital marketing course in kottayam
Digital marketing course in kottayam

Network Building and Program Assistance

Grow your professional connections and acquire knowledge from industry experts.Our dedicated program manager is readily available to steer you through your digital marketing voyage.

Review Of Our Learners

Praise from our students underscores their excitement, development, and contentment, illustrating the efficacy of our educational initiatives.

just want to share my experiance in dotin. honestly i can't put into words how beautiful its been. it's like finding a second fam, the teachers, my classmates, everyone is really nice. the teachers aren't just educators, they are like mentors and frnds who genuinley careabout us. and the best thing is i've made here best frnds and a family. the way teach here is different in practical so we can understand and ask any doubts at any time. if you're thinking about joining, i say go for it. trust me, its worth it!
I'm excited to share what I've learned at Dotin Digital Academy in Thrissur. The mentors helped me develop into the person I am today. Any student from any background can become a digital marketer because the mentors are the greatest industry specialists in this field. Mainly, the entire project is hands-on learning so this approach has provided me with practical knowledge, let me to handle job tasks with ease. Implementing these techniques help me a lot to understand about the concepts. Moreover, the academy offers lifetime community support and placement assistance, ensuring that students need not worry about being jobless after completing the course. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Dotin Digital Academy.
Choosing Dotin to study digital marketing was the best decision ever.The mentors here are not just teachers, always there to help and cheer you on. My classmates! They're more than friends. If you want to learn and feel the love, this is the place.
I’m absolutely happy with my experience at Dotin Digital Academy. The mentors are outstanding. The entire team is extraordinary. From the friendly administrative staff to the dedicated support team, everyone is committed to creating a compassionate and supportive atmosphere. The overall ambiance is top-notch. Thank you so much, Dotin Digital Academy, and I’m grateful for the knowledge and connections I have gained.
Dotin is truly exceptional for mastering Digital Marketing. The advanced teaching techniques are truly impressive and have significantly shaped my career. If you seek the finest Digital Marketing Course, Dotin Digital Academy in Thrissur is your ultimate destination.

Life at Dotin Digital Academy

Frequently Asked Quires

Discover answers to common questions and gain clearer insights into our programs and offerings.

A digital marketing course allows students to efficiently promote and advertise their products and services online through various digital channels and strategies. Digital marketing courses have become one of the educational institutions' most popular course categories these days.

Our extensive program in Calicut encompasses SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content and email marketing, analytics, e-commerce, and beyond, equipping you for a diverse career in digital marketing.

On average, a full-fledged digital marketing course can range from 6 to 12 months. However, short-term courses and certification programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Our program is tailored to accommodate novices with no previous background, offering a strong base and progressing to more advanced topics in digital marketing.

Indeed, we provide a trial session allowing you to immerse yourself in our educational setting. This opportunity assists you in making a well-informed choice regarding enrollment in our academy.

Yes, Our digital marketing courses are designed to accommodate working professionals with flexible schedules.

A digital marketing course can equip you with the knowledge and skills sought by employers, increasing your chances of getting hired.

Yes, a digital marketing course can equip you with the skills and knowledge to work as a freelance digital marketer.

You can build a portfolio by working on real-world projects, creating your website or blog, or by showcasing your course projects.

You can network by participating in online forums, webinars, group projects, and connecting with classmates and instructors.

Absolutely, students have the opportunity to participate in real-world projects, providing them with invaluable practical experience and insights into genuine digital marketing challenges.

You Will Learn Better When We Collaborate!

Collectively, we cultivate ideal learning conditions, enriching comprehension and development. Joining forces, we establish an atmosphere where knowledge thrives seamlessly.